Our services

As a member of the Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group we have a unique ability to offer a variety of services, closely co-operating with our talented colleagues at Bläck Studios, Imagination Studios and Infinite Entertainment. This way, we are well equipped to take on projects of all shapes and sizes.


Animated characters are not merely digital actors, they are also spokespersons with a very important job – to connect with the viewer on an emotional level and convey the message of the film, campaign or brand.

Fido has created many successful characters over the years, for both feature films and commercials. We know how to design and create them. But more importantly, we know how to make them come alive and give them true soul and personality.
Our skilled artists take care of every step in the birth process, from 2D design sketches, 3D modeling, look development, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing – to make them into living, breathing personalities in the finished film.


Animals aren’t always great actors, and sometimes they don’t even exist in real life or have been extinct for millions of years.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stars on the silver screen. We at Fido are experts on creating photorealistic CG animals and creatures, and our award winning work with digital fur and feathers has been seen in feature films, commercials and nature documentaries.
Our artists can create any animal you need and our experienced animators know exactly how to make them come alive and be totally convincing. With top of the line compositing these animals can then appear in any environment you desire, be it live footage or full CG environments.


Some things are just too expensive, dangerous or impossible to film and that’s why VFX (“Visual Effects”) is an ever increasingly sought-after service. Fido has been in the front line of this craft for nearly 15 years, working with all things associated with VFX, from fairly straight-forward digital cleanup (like wire removals) and green screen compositing – to digital set extensions and complex simulations of natural elements (particles, water etc) and photorealistic environments – all made in CG.
When it comes to VFX, the sky is the limit – and we are always willing to push that extra mile to constantly improve the end results.

Virtual Reality

After years of anticipation but without really breaking through, the world of Virtual Reality (“VR”) is now the talk of the town everywhere. It’s in our DNA to constantly push boundaries, and in 2015 we produced our first VR project, a Samsung Gear VR ride for Swedish telecom company Telenor, a project that soon was followed by other VR productions.

Stereoscopic productions

Fido never hesitate to venture into technically complicated projects and have been working on several large productions in stereoscopic 3D, including Hollywood blockbusters like “Underworld Awakening” and the award winning 4K production of “David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive” – for which we received a BAFTA nomination.

Concept art & Prints

Even the longest film starts with one single frame, and Fido loves to be part of the team that takes those crucial first steps in a production. Our devoted concept artists know how to pencil drafts of designs, characters and environments in any style you might desire. We gladly help you with moodboards and style frames to support your pitches, or to establish and find a desired art direction for any project.
We can also help you with storyboards, and even though our core business is moving images, we also produce material for prints – especially in connection with commercials and campaigns with characters we’ve created.

Factuals, Corporate films & Graphics

Fido is possibly best known for our work on awarded commercials or large feature film projects, but we also produce original content and corporate films.
We can create opening titles, add motion graphics to your film or – when it comes to factuals or corporate films – take care of all parts of the chain, from original idea to final film, including design, script, shoot, edit, post production, motion graphics/VFX, VO recording, sound mixing and online.

Game trailers

Fido ventured into the world of game trailers back in 2012 with two explosive trailers for Wargaming.net. Since then we have become even stronger, both thanks to our projects with EA/Dice and our tight collaboration with our sister company Bläck studios and their prize winning team of experts on everything game related.

Motion Capture & previzualisations

Our sister company Imagination Studios is ranked as one of the best Motion Capture Studios in the world. As all companies in the Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group they strive for technical perfection, constantly pushing the borders of what’s technically possible and exploring new ways of optimizing both pre- and post production. Whenever a project benefits from motion capture of any kind, Fido team up with Imagination, – not because they are family but because they are the best.

Co-productions and original content

Fido has been co-producing many of the feature film projects we’ve worked with, including the German family adventure Yoko and the massive internet hit Kung Fury.

Our sister company Infinite Entertainment develops this part of our business even further, finding new original stories, ideas and projects to develop and invest in.