Curiosity killed the cat, they say.
Well, not in our world.

We’ve been around for 15 years and it’s our curiosity that has helped us to become what we are today. You need to be curious to push boundaries, to discover new worlds and imagine the future. Our curiosity has helped us to build an outstanding track record as solid and innovative creators of amazing VFX and digital wizardry.
The word “fido” means “trust” in Latin, and it’s no coincidence we choose that name. You can always trust Fido. We always stand by our word and deliver what we promise.

Fido is more than a company, it’s a family where talented artists evolve and become even greater; a studio where we make digital wishes come true. We are artists, directors, producers, designers and digital wizards. We are curious by nature and driven by passion.


VFX Director, Senior Animation Director, Head of 3D

Australian-born Cameron has been one of Fido’s pillars since the very start, a solid rock of creativity and a team leader with strong creative visions and an amazing ability to bring CG animals to life. Cameron has been Head of Fido’s 3D department since 2011, mentoring new talents and guiding productions of all scales right on target, including the feature films “Yoko” and the award winning internet hit “Kung Fury”.
When Fido/Goodbye Kansas ventured into the Chinese Market in 2016, Cameron was the obvious choice for leading our creative work with “League of Gods” and the following big Chinese feature film projects.



VFX Director, Senior Animation Director

Staffan has been a cherished member of the Fido team since 2002, charging our projects with his uniquely artistic eye and creativity. In 2005 he spent a full year in Wellington working on Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which gave him the opportunity to animate the creatures he loves the most: dinosaurs.
Staffan has been VFX supervisor and Animation Director on many of Fido’s largest feature film projects, including “Känn Ingen Sorg” and all of our productions with Sir David Attenborough.
He has also headed Fido’s creative work with both “The Walking Dead” and “Fear The Walking Dead” and in 2016 he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on “The Walking Dead”.



VFX Director, Senior Animation Director, Concept Artist

Rickard is Fido’s prime horseman, a passionate horse lover and avid equestrian who spends almost as much time in the saddle as in front of his computer at Fido. Rickard has part of the Fido core team for more than 10 years and is one of our strongest character animation artists. With degrees from both Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Rickard has a sharp eye for both design and storytelling.
He’s also a brilliant concept artist and a master of designing appealing characters. Through the years, his magic pen has given birth to a number of likeable characters for commercials from all over the world and as Animation Director he has made numerous commercials into success stories.